What color is white?

White Geranium. Plein air watercolor, framed to 8 x 10. $95

White Geranium. Plein air watercolor, framed to 8 x 10. $95

The opening of the Plein Air show at Sunland Art Gallery was fun last Saturday night. The show runs until the end of June, if you’d like to stop by and see it.  The hours are Tues-Sat 10-5 and the gallery is next to Tippi Teas in the Placita Santa Fe, at Doniphan/Mesa.

I wanted to talk a bit about this little painting that is one of the four I have in the show.

 The question is, how white is white? What color is it really?  If you look carefully at a white flower, or building, or any object, the sun hits it in different ways bringing out colors in the shadows that reflect other colors that surround it.  I took creative license and had fun charging in wet colors into other wet colors to create the shadows that form the flower and the foliage around it.  It is a challenge and a lot of fun to show that white isn’t really white!

Oh and before I forget, the print of Afternoon Farm by Tony Conner (which I blogged about recently) arrived today and it is even MORE beautiful in person than it is on the screen.  I am a very lucky person!


11 thoughts on “What color is white?

  1. This is a really beautiful white/non-white blossom! I’m impressed. And I also want to say that it’s so great you raise these tricky questions in ways that enable peeps to go a step further with their thinking about and making of art. Thank you for both!


    • Hey Snehal, I’m really flattered. thank you! Antje nominated me as well, in the same span of days. How neat. Congrats to you for getting the award! I love your roses. I’m going to pass at least for now on participating. I don’t keep up with my blog nearly as much as I’d like, and I’d prefer to spend blog time blogging about new paintings. Thank you again…


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