Tony Conner watercolor, or how lucky am I?


No, these are definitely NOT my watercolors — I only wish!  They are painted by Tony Conner, a watercolorist whose newsletter I subscribed to this spring.  It’s been fabulous to get postings several times a week on his paintings done plein air in watercolor and to learn from his technique and experience.  Be sure to check out his site:  His work is gorgeous, so rooted in place and light.

He randomly chooses a subscriber once a month to win a limited edition print, and I am SO lucky to be the chosen winner for May!  I had to pinch myself and read the email several times before I comprehended what it meant.  And then it was SO hard to choose.  Tony gave me permission to post pictures of several of his paintings on my blog for you to enjoy.
In the end I chose the Afternoon Farm painting on the left, but the very close runner up was Quiet (on the right).  Aren’t they both serene?  wow.  You can see the beautiful selection from which I chose  on his Limited Edition Prints page.


12 thoughts on “Tony Conner watercolor, or how lucky am I?

  1. Lucky you! His paintings are so beautiful, you are right……I can’t wait to check out those links. There might be a comment from me floating out there, it disappeared but I am determined to tell you how cool this is and how beautiful those paintings are. By the way, I could see you doing beautiful work but your work….just keep at it. I have seen what you are capable of. 🙂


  2. They are amazing, congratulations! If I thought it was ever in the cards to paint landscapes in WC the way this man can, I would glue a brush to my fingers and never put it down. Magical! And luscious. My next thought: Has he written a book or put out a video on how to do it? Gorgeous!


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