Out at Ardovino’s

My painting friend Karen told me about the wild spring roses that were climbing up the water tower at the fabulous restaurant and, I think, El Paso treasure that is Ardovino’s Desert Crossing.  She was there a couple of days earlier in the late afternoon and saw so many possibilities to paint there.

This morning I took a drive out there and was so inspired but fell in love with (as usual) the shadows,, this time the shadows of the windmill on the watertower.

So here you’ll see the photo I took when I started sketching, the work in situ and then where it is right now.

I have so much to learn about plein air, and painting in general, but after going through my usual, oh my gosh this is horrible phase in the painting, I came out the other side feeling ok with it.  Are there parts I would like a “do over” on?  Absolutely, starting with the sky.  but tomorrow is another day and I may just sketch out another view and go out at the same time tomorrow and try it again!

Robert Ardovino couldn’t have been nicer, telling me I could paint all day if I wanted.  A waiter jokingly asked if his pose was ok, and brought me water.  The funky vintage vibe and beautiful landscaping of the place is crazy cool and I’ll definitely go out and paint some more there!

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6 thoughts on “Out at Ardovino’s

    • Oh thank you and thanks for suggesting it! When i look at the painting now, at least on the screen, the “k” shape of the lower bars of the windmill bother me, have to soften some of them.


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