Reeds: From sketch to study

For today’s post I thought I’d show a sketch in pen from my sketchbook and how I translated it into a small watercolor study.  It’s fun to play with colors that aren’t always quite THERE when you look in nature, for example the blues in this, but they add a level of complexity and interest.  I like the suggestion of what’s behind the reeds in this, and also how the rocks are suggested but not clearly defined.

While doing this I remembered several other points I learned in last week’s workshop with Carol Carpenter.

  • If you want to emphasize the whites or lights, put a dot or two of dark next to them.  I did that in this piece.
  • A palette tip on paint placement:  often the wells that hold one’s paint have slanted sides, and I put my blob of paint at the bottom and use the edges to wipe off the  brush.  What Carol does is place the paint blob near the top, on the upper edge and then she can swipe down the paint into the well and mix with water so you control how much water is mixed with your paint.  As the colors on my one palette in particular run out, I’m going to give that a try.

If you are local and are interested, please remember that my Red Bird of Paradise is going for auction at the local PBS station this Saturday, the 16th, from 3-3:30  Bidding starts at $60.

Thanks for stopping by!


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