Make your own Accordion Fold Travel Journals for watercolor sketching

I think this idea is really inventive and i intend on giving it a try…

Citizen Sketcher

For a while now, I’ve been wanting try making my own accordion fold watercolor sketchbooks.

We are doing the last minute planning before our Portugal workshop – so this seemed like the perfect time to decide if I’ll be bringing these with me.

16Feb28_Nuit_Blanche_Accordion_Fold_Book (1)

So I quickly bashed one together, and took it to a local life drawing workshop. This was a terrific three model costume drawing event hosted by the CCGV for Montreal’s Nuit Blanche festival.

I didn’t go as far as making a fancy binding or rigid cover for this – that’s certainly an option if you’re a craftsy type – this booklet is literally just a single sheet of watercolor paper, cut and folded following a pattern. (See below). It only takes 5 minutes to make one, and that’s the kind of convenience I’m looking for.

16Feb28_Nuit_Blanche_Accordion_Fold_Book (3)

To me, the main advantage of this process is choosing your own paper. I  made this 5.5×7.5″ booklet…

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