Off to a good home!

Painting of pinecones in watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Pinecone Parade.

Last night was a lot of fun.  I went to the Miniature Mania show and found that I’d won first prize for Pinecone Parade, that was such a lovely surprise.  We had good food and conversation, and it was nice to get to know other artists and friends who stopped by.


Fall Fig  (sold)

Then later after a lovely bite to eat at the new Asian Cajun Cafe on Mesa near UTEP, I got a call that Fall Fig had sold after I had left the show!  How cool is that?

Thank you to the purchaser.  Can’t wait to find out who you are.  I hope you will enjoy the painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

12 thoughts on “Off to a good home!

  1. Must be thrilled that your work is selling!!! I like the Pinecone Parade very much!!! Now I am very happy to have an original, framed and hanging in Studio “B”!!!


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