2 Paintings are winners.

Back in the fall, I submitted three pieces to the El Paso Community College poster contest for our annual Spring Arts Festival.    From left to right, they are End of Summer Lantana, Stumbled Upon and Contemplation.  The last two were accepted! One will be on the Feb/March poster; the other on the April/May one.   I’m psyched.  Because I’m an employee, I am not eligible for the honorarium, which is ok, but they will have one of the posters framed for me as a memento.  That’s very nice.

When the festival link is up and when I get the poster copies, I will upload a link and photo.

The originals of these are both for sale for $175.The Lantana isn’t available.

Contemplation will be on display at the juried Spring Art Show of the southern chapter of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, to be held at the Las Cruces Branigan Cultural Center, Opening April 1st, from 5-7 and the show will be up through May.


24 thoughts on “2 Paintings are winners.

  1. Congratulations, Rachel! These two beauties totally deserve to be shown to the world (and the third one, too, I think). I especially like how you rendered the light in the water; that’s a rare skill you have there!


  2. I need to take the time and read your posts but initially when I saw your one painting of the water, the one on the right…I am thinking this woman knows how to paint water! wow! Water is hard enough in pastels but watercolor….well, another story. 🙂


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