One Pigment work


In our painting group we had Fernando back to show us more on doing portraits.  After completing a sketch, with his help, I transferred it to illustration board and started the first wash of very pale ultramarine blue.  It was the first time I’d worked on this board and it reacts so differently than watercolor paper.  The wash was uneven and I lost my mind for a second and went back in to fix it, and ended up streaking it.  We decided it was good practice to follow through and work on it, streaked or not.  Some people in the group thought it was cool that she was coming out of the mist…I’m not convinced!

What was an eye opener to me was actually doing a painting with just one pigment because it forces you to only concentrate on the value, or relative lightness or darkness of the section.

In the interest of learning more about values, I decided to make tiny ATC size value sketches from paintings in a book by Ron Ransom, Perfecting Your Watercolors.

I can really see how doing these sketches would be extremely useful in planning a work of my own.


13 thoughts on “One Pigment work

    • Thanks! you are funny. Yes ma’am! I will continue with this one, so much more to do in the hair at least. I think I’d prefer to do one where the first wash isn’t streaked, so I may try it again. I did buy two pieces of board in case I liked the process…


    • Thanks Laura. You may really like it. My daughter has the same artistic leanings you do, and I think she would as well. It requires a tiny bit of very pale pigment at a time on the brush and fading out edges. It feels kind of like pencil drawing to me in that regard.

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