Second try Mesquite Shade Day 26


Here’s the second try on this painting.  I like it better, but am still not totally happy with it.  It’s in progress and I’m setting it aside to consider it another day.  You can compare it with the earlier version .  I’m very thankful for constructive criticism and comments that you all have taken the time to write, and would love to hear your comments on this one.

One thing that has to be fixed in the next version is the branch going out the corner of the piece!  I certainly know that but had a brain hiccup there.  I’m thinking the white top in the far left rock is too deep.  I’m sure I’ll come up with other issues as I look at it more.

I’m happy with the mixing of the foliage colors on the paper.  I think that’s fresh.  I like the sun hitting the branches and that they are largely better shaped (wide near the trunk and getting more slender.)

I’ve “fallen off the wagon” in the 30 in 30 challenge, at least in posting on my blog.  Life with teens is getting in the way!  those of you who are parents can probably relate.  But that’s ok, painting can wait.

Thanks for stopping by…

20 thoughts on “Second try Mesquite Shade Day 26

  1. The prickly pear is just wonderfully colored and the shade on the stones around the spot of sunlight is compelling my eye to linger on the stone bench. The tree trunk looks flatter in this one, but that doesn’t bother me with tall the emphasis on the bench. Your work just gets better and better.


    • Diane thanks! I could and should round the trunk more. I played with matting and cropping and could make it work without taking the branch out the corner. I used the same colors to create foliage and the prickly pear so it has color unity. Thx!


  2. This is really beautiful, LOVE the light in it (bench, ground, branches)! The stones on the ground are great too! I still would suggest maybe coloured pencil for details (I love CP together with watercolours) – but that´s a matter of taste and depends on what medium you choose. As a pure watercolour painting it´s wonderful as it is!


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