Mesquite Shade Day 10

Mesquite Shade_pencil_value_sketch _rachel_murphree_watercolor (3).jpgAnother value study for today’s studio productivity report!  On the left is the reference photo I took at the (beautiful) Keystone Heritage Botanical gardens, and I experimented with only using a point within the photo for the second value sketch, adding a tall dark shape on the right.  I liked the one that more closely matches the photo.

Mesquite Shade_painted_value_sketch _rachel_murphree_watercolor (2)

Painted value sketch

So I was able to get in pencil sketches and a painted value sketch this morning, in preparation for a busy day.  On deck for the day was laundry, shopping, a fun day out with the DH in a nearby town and a watercolor demo by Laurel Weathersbee at the Southern Chapter meeting of the New Mexico Watercolor Society.  You can see her loose and lovely work at her blog.  It is always SUCH fun to watch a watercolor demo, and this one was fabulous.

Mesquite Shade_BW ref photo_rachel_murphree_watercolor (1)

Now that I’m back home I see that I didn’t get the values quite right.  Do you see what’s not the right value in the painted sketch at left?I converted the photo ref  into black and white to make the difference more apparent.

I’m too tired to address it tonight, although it wouldn’t take long, but other duties call.  Tomorrow I’ll post the amended value sketch.

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