Christmas Star Day 8 (with a poll)

Christmas Star_Rachel_murphree_watercolor

Christmas Star Watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Here’s my favorite of the ornament paintings so far.    I think I’ll keep the tree up a bit longer this year and use it as a sketching/painting prop!  and besides I love the serenity of the lights…

Christmas Star stage 1_Rachel_murphree_watercolorThis is stage one of the painting.  I knew I wanted soft fuzzy backgrounds suggesting lights and atmosphere and cranberries, but I added the magenta orbs of color too early and they ballooned out.  I took the hard edge on the right, softened it a bit, and took a round stencil to pencil in a ball shape and then played wet in wet.  I love the “star” pattern that magically appeared and I won’t be able to duplicate in exactly the same way again.  You can see the pink undertones in the finished painting and I put in a cranberry strand above it, finding out that the colors will cover paler pigments.

The full 8 x 8 painting isn’t strong compositionally — I don’t like the even spacing of two items on the page, so I had fun cropping it in various ways. Here are some options and a little poll to take, if you’d like, to tell me which crop or original is your favorite.  We haven’t done one of these in awhile….

Christmas Star rectangle crop_Rachel_murphree_watercolor

Rectangle crop of Christmas Star

Christmas Star square 1 crop_Rachel_murphree_watercolor

Square crop #1 of Christmas Star

Christmas star square 2 crop_Rachel_murphree_watercolor

Square crop #2 of Christmas Star

Christmas Star Cropping — which do you prefer?


12 thoughts on “Christmas Star Day 8 (with a poll)

  1. I like the original, because of all the lovely details in the bough on the bottom. I do love that you experimented with cropping. Sometimes a good crop is all a bad painting needs to be better 🙂 I like the idea of leaving the tree up. 🙂


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