4 –> 40 Morning glories

Collage of various morning glory studies

Collage of various morning glory studies

The other day I took my easel outside and painted with my brush (without pencil drawing first) and it was fun! a bit challenging because breezes kept moving around the bloom, but I like their freshness.

I thought this was the last bloom of the season, but the next day another one appeared.  So summer blooms continue to linger here.  This is a favorite flower of mine because my gram and I used to plant and tend these beauties.

And because I love the orange/blue complementary color combo, I’m displaying these oranges of color charts. I learned a lot from this and think they look pretty neat too!  I created them by creating squares with strips of artist masking tape onto the paper.

2015-11-09 20.52.56

color charts of cooler and some warm reds and yellows, mixing them on the paper.

2015-11-09 20.53.02

color charts of cadmium and pyroll reds and yellows, mixing them on the paper.

Because my focus in the 4 –>40 (and beyond) is on mastering wet in wet and color mixing on paper, I didn’t mix the two on my palette.  in the one with more pinks/purples, you can see in the first full row of oranges that I was putting down a strip of each concentrated color on the edges and using a damp brush to mingle them.  I think it’s neat to see the various ranges, that way, and perhaps I’ll do that on longer rectangles.  but for the rest of the charts I put down the yellow first and while it was wet, I added the red on top.

When I removed the white tape strips, the charts just shine and sing!  fun to do.  I’ll be doing it with blues and yellows  AND viridian/thalo green and quinacridones to see the range of greens that can be produced.

Thanks for stopping by…tomorrow’ s post will be more on the easel’s palette.

4 thoughts on “4 –> 40 Morning glories

  1. Your flowers are very lovely! And the memories you have with your grandma makes them precious reminders of her love. Thanks for sharing your color charts too! Great idea!!! 💜🎨🌟


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