4–>40 Backlit figures

Photo of Tulie chillaxing after the dog park

Photo of Tulie chillaxing after the dog park

The other morning at the dogpark around 10 I was looking at figures that were backlit by the sun.  Fascinating because I’d never thought to look at them in an artistic light.  Looking at them as a painter, the easier dogs to use for focal point ( lightest light against the darkest dark) are the shaggy dogs with the fan tails, like Tulie. You can clearly see the backlit whitish ridges on backs or tails against their darker bodies.   Those hit me over the head with their “Wow, look at me!” vibe

Secondly I looked at the people.  I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but it appeared to me that the people with the lighter hair also had more of their face lit, where the man with a shock of darker hair appeared to have a darker face from across the park. I squinted and it stayed the same.  I am assuming the lighter hair bounces around the face and lightens it up and you could see just the slightest suggestion of a nose or an eye, where as the dark haired man in  a painting would have a gray/blue face with no facial features.

Backlit mum blossoms

Backlit mum blossoms

The idea occurred to me that I should bring my paints and a scrap piece and practice figure painting while Tulie romps with the other dogs.  When my easel gets here, that’ll be a place to go.

Speaking of backlit, here’s a snippet of a plein air painting of mums in my backyard…

12 thoughts on “4–>40 Backlit figures

  1. First, Tulie is so charming and cute.
    My park has a dog run and as I walk I’m always looking at possible compositions with the grouped people and romping dogs. I do love the morning light and the harder shadows. What a great to sketch while is Tulie is playing.

    Your mums are gorgeous, your highlights bring the sketch to life. 😎🌺


    • Thx Sharon. Morning light is terrific isn’t it? Isn’t it interesting to imagine the interior monologues of dog park humans. How many of us are thinking backlit and shadows? I wouldnt think a whole lot, but you never know!

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  2. Great plan! An easel, too. Hope it is one of those that folds nicely so you will enjoy the whole process. It is getting to be a nice time to be at the dog park. As soon as Oscar’s eyelid is healed, we should go, too.


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