Oops! No workshop painting to show…

another cosmos study

another white cosmos study in watercolor.  5″ square.

Well, I have to admit I’m a bit bummed.  On opening my suitcase at home, I realized I’d left my painting AND my block of arches paper in the room where the workshop was.  Hopefully it’ll be safe there, but I didn’t take a picture of it to be able to show you.  Tomorrow I will post on my phone (new experience for me), fingers crossed the painting and paper are there!

However, I’ll post another of the “white” cosmos paintings that I did last week. This one is about 5″ square.  I love how the quin burnt scarlet moved and flowed by touching the edge of the damp center to get it o flow into the petals.

Anyway, back to the workshop with Michael Riordan.  It was again another great demo, this time of rocks, and putting in shadows first and then when almost dry, covering the rock area with the local color (or the color of the rocks that you see) another part of the lesson was connecting the shadows to each other.

gila steps reference photo

gila steps reference photo

We were encouraged to do a painting with rocks to tryout some of the techniques, so here’s a sneak peak of the reference photo I used to paint from today.  It is one of my daughters many years ago at the steps coming down from the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

File Oct 28, 6 43 05 PMFile Oct 28, 6 42 06 PM
The part I find really helpful is the show and tell/critique session at the end.  On day one, when we heard we would each put up our in progress or completed paintings along with their value sketch for all to see, I have to admit there was some muttering about having to leave early for a (forgotten) doctor appointment or some such thing!  but we all stuck it out, and here’s an overall picture of the show and tell from each day.

13 thoughts on “Oops! No workshop painting to show…

  1. I can’t wait to do workshops like that in Florida. I too look forward to seeing your painting when you take the picture with your phone (fingers crossed!) … cheers! Lovely cosmos. I enjoy the shades in the petals. So well done.


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