White on White Cosmos


White on White. Cosmos painting 5″ x 7″. Available. $25.

Hi Everyone — sorry I’ve been away from blogging lately.  Real life has stepped in but I’ve been painting and sketching when I can.  I’ve missed “speaking” with you though and am still catching up visiting other painting blogs.

I pained several versions of cosmos recently.  They were white flowers that I had growing in my garden years ago and I had fun interpreting and seeing colors in the shadows and lines of the flowers.  I enjoy the seed cluster center of the bloom and how the colors ran into the petals.

I’ll be posting the other small paintings throughout the week and some sketches.

It’ll be a busy week because I’m taking a four day workshop  with Michael Reardon through the New Mexico Watercolor Society, three days indoors and the last plein air. It’s all day Tues through Friday about 45 miles away from me.  So it’ll be an invigorating and exhausting experience that I hope will take me to another level in my painting!

Here’s a preliminary sketch of the cosmos2015-08-09 11.32.35 from my sketchbook to envision darks and lights.


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