End of Summer Lantana

End of Summer.  11" x 15" watercolor.

End of Summer. 11″ x 15″ watercolor.

I’m going to call this finished! I hope its new owners like it.

I’ve sure have enjoyed working on it. It’s on 300 lb paper which is lovely to work on, and I plan on using this weight more in the future. I’ve enjoyed pulling out the leaves and stems using negative painting. and forming the details of the blossoms.

In other news I’ve been sketching a sotol and prickly pear image and envisioning how to make it a snowy scene for a potential holiday card. That’s on the studio schedule this morning. Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “End of Summer Lantana

  1. Your Lantana came out beautiful. I see the evidence of the negative space work which is really good work. I also really like that misty look as though the fog has not cleared in the AM as the nights cool down. Excellent, Rachel!

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  2. Rachel, I’ve been following the progress and steps, and I’m amazed as well as delighted at how you’ve arrived at this work. I have to agree with Leslie’s comments too, You inspire me to try the same waltz of control and spontaneity of the color. Keep on with the journey!


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