End of Summer Lantana almost done!

The final stage so far of the end of summer Lantana.  11" x 15"  already spoken for, but prints will be available!

The final stage so far of the end of summer Lantana. 11″ x 15″ already spoken for, but prints will be available!

Ok folks, I’ve taken my time with this one and I’m pretty happy with it.  I thought it was almost done, and it is, but as is quite usual, I see problems once I’ve taken a picture AND uploaded it!  LOL. It’s the uploading that makes the problems pop out.  

I see that there’s a leaf hiding behind the right cluster that should be greener, and the edge of the out of focus area above that blossom bothers me. it’s too hard an edge. And now I think I like the one without as much of the defining better. What’a gal to do with that, but just paint another? It would be different and looser.

Stage four of the painting

Stage four of the piece. a lot of negative painting done in the background.

Initially I thought that more color was needed at the top, but I’m thinking now, it’s light and airy and a good contrast to the leaves and stems below…

What do you think?  I would love to hear from you, especially if you see things that bother you or have suggestions to make it better.

17 thoughts on “End of Summer Lantana almost done!

  1. Looks good to me Rachel. Its so hard to tell what you are seeing on the computer, but the one little nit pick I might change is I might add a bit more definition in the flowers in the upper left quadrant of the painting so the foreground ones and background ones are just a wee bit more separated? I would ask someone in person before I did anything though because its hard to tell online! Lovely work! ~Rita

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  2. Not sure what I’d do because I don’t know what you want best to achieve. It has an overall softness that is lovely and wonderful shape. I suppose I’d pick one of the blooms, either top or left, and make that one have a tad more detail so it would appear to be closer to the viewer rather than all three of the flowers being on the same plane. Maybe even do that with both the top and left and leave the right one with less detail. I might accentuate some of the petals in the top or left one, slightly darker or more contrast, to achieve this. Hope that is helpful. Other than that, it’s really what YOU want the end result to be – this is very lovely as is.


  3. Rachel – think the comments about the more focus ( however you choose to do it) on one flower to create some depth and bring one more forward – are all good. It is a very nice painting –great job!!


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