Day 27 — Desert’s Green Glow (plein air)

Plein air painting of mountain with green patches

Desert’s Green Glow. Click image to view larger. 8″ x 10″ watercolor. $25

The El Paso area is bisected by a mountain range.  The mountains are a beautiful rocky presence in the life of the city.  For most of the year, they are subtle shades of ocher, sand,  gray, blue, purple, and browns, tinged into a watermelon color for the several moments of the gloaming before sunset.  We get 7″ of annual rainfall, and most of it falls in late summer/early fall.  It’s called our “monsoon” season which is a laughable name in some respects! It is during this period that we see the subtle green glow of grasses on the mountain. It’s an exciting time for me and lets me feel like a true El Pasoan (even though I’ve lived here less than 20 years) because I know that freeway travelers passing through will not even notice this green glow.


My painting set up under a shade overhang of a picnic table in the state park area of the mountains. The mountains across the road are what I focused on. Click image to view larger

I traveled over the mountain today through the pass created when the road was built, and set my plein air paint set up on a covered picnic table in the state park area.  You can see it here.  The weather was cool, even with the sun’s heat, and I spent an enjoyable couple of hours painting and experiencing nature on a quiet Sunday morning.

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