Day 23 — Shells Times Three

First attempt at these three shells

Second attempt at these three shells

Here are yesterday’s paintings. There are successful shells in each, but as is the case with learning watercolor, you often don’t get all the successful elements in one painting! at least I don’t… but it was a good learning experience for me. The second one has a better edging of the lines at the top left shell, after doing it one way, I found a better way (lifting the color to make the lighter stripes).  I think the shadows are better in #2 but I like the other two shells in #1.  I’m sure I will revisit these shells in the future…

Which ones do you find more successful?

day 23 shellsx3-2_rachel_murphree_watercolor

First attempt at these shells

12 thoughts on “Day 23 — Shells Times Three

  1. Good for you, doing something twice and learning. I think the shells in #1 would be wonderful as part of a larger piece. I imagine them in their suggestive way as a wonderful detail next to say a vase of flowers. The shells in two are harder and I imagine them having something softer around them in a different still life composition – let’s say there was a soft fabric around them or rope. The ones in #2 are harder focused, darker.


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