Red Hot! print sale

Print of watercolor and happy collector

My first sale of a 16 x 20 print of “Red Hot! ” with the happy collector!

This week has been so exciting, and the fun doesn’t seem to be stopping. The original of this painting called Red Hot! is for sale at the show downtown until September 19th, but my friend wanted a 16 x 20 print of it which is bigger than the original.  It turned out so nicely and she’s very happy and so am I!  I can’t wait to see it framed and on her wall.

Now that I’ve figured out the printing process, I will come up with prices for various size prints and post about them later and have them on the website as well.  This makes it really easy to make and ship prints in a tube to anywhere!  Stay tuned if you’ve been considering prints for yourself or for a gift….


4 thoughts on “Red Hot! print sale

  1. Hi Rachel, can you share your printing process? I haven’t been satisfied with the printing results with the watercolors. I thought the print you are showing turned out really nice and if you are happy, you must be on to something. Would appreciate any info that you can share. Thank you! Brad


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