“Open Studio” event and sale!

Agave Shadows #2 Watercolor painting by Rachel Murphree

Agave Shadows #2, 11″ x 15″ Watercolor.  Original sold but cards available.  Click on image to view larger.

I am excited to share a very bright spot in my week. Earlier this month I struck up a conversation with another customer at the beauty salon, telling her about my upcoming art show.  She asked to see some of my watercolors, so I brought up some images from my blog on my phone.  She was looking for a housewarming present and was interested in the Agave Shadows #2.  I quoted her a price, off the cuff, without thinking through the costs of matting and framing.

painting of aspens

“Winter Twilight”  Original sold but cards available.   Click on image to view larger”

Afterwards I texted her that I would honor the first price for her, but at the show the price would be higher to cover those costs.  We arranged for her to come to the house and I pulled out all my framed pieces and had them displayed.  It was an impromptu “open studio” event.   I was filled with nervous excitement, you know — the good kind of nervousness — and it went so well.  She purchased the two pieces I’ve shown here, and she kindly paid the higher price!   I am very grateful for her purchase and also glad to see the paintings go to a good home.

So I have my first collector of my watercolors (other than friends and family who have watercolor gifts) and I was doing the happy dance all day! It’s only two weeks to In the Mix art show (see the right side column for info). I have some framing left to do and also submitting pieces for the juried Arts International show — that deadline is in two days. yikes! with all the back to school activity and yardwork and other life stuff, it’s been a very busy week.

To organize what I have available, I created “Paintings Priced to Collect” a link from the top menu that shows them all in one place with prices for the originals.  I have enjoyed creating them, and have learned a lot from the process. I have priced them affordably so that you can have original artwork on your wall that makes you smile!  Also 5 x 7 blank cards are available with more designs coming soon, and they frame up nicely in an 8 x 10 mat and frame.


8 thoughts on ““Open Studio” event and sale!

  1. Rachel – congrat on your first sale – how wonderful and what a lead in to your upcoming show and sale on the 28th. I love the one that you pictured that sold. The values are wonderful and love the gradiation on the sky. Go GIRL!!!


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