Happy mail days — The CARDS are here!

They have arrived! the printed 5 x 7

The printed cards have arrived!  Here’s a picture of them, fresh from the box, not yet folded.  The cards look so wonderful!  They have a slight glossiness to them, and I’m really pleased with how they look. They are $4 each, and are available directly from me or at the show on August 28th @ the Art Junction.

In preparation for the art show next month, a friend taught me how to frame my paintings and what supplies to buy.

Framing stapler and flexible staples

Framing stapler and flexible staples

Framing stapler and flexible staples

soft stranded finger friendly wire and triangle picture hooks

The tools that arrived are shown here:  dual point elite stapler that shoots staple type objects that come out in the FRONT of the unit rather than below.  It is much easier to shoot them into the wooden frame at the right angle to keep the mat, glass, and painting in place. The flexible staples let you remove the painting if necessary.

The wire is not the old fashioned kind that rips up your fingers when you twist it around the eye hooks.  The triangle hooks are flat, screwed in, with a triangle hook on a hinge to hang the wire from.

All this and more will be explained in a later Tuesday Tips post when I show you how the framing process goes.

And OH YES, the Splash 16 book arrived and I savored it.  Only allowed myself a certain number of paintings per day to drool over.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Splash is an annual publication that highlights the best of that year’s watercolors and as usual, it did not disappoint!

contemplation garden utep (12)-002

Meanwhile, this is the photo from which I am painting these days. It is the surface of the Contemplative Garden fountain in the UTEP Centennial Gardens, one of my favorite botanical places in our city.

In a later post this week, I will have in process photos from drawing to whatever painting stage I am at. I may need to paint this, or similar water reflection pictures, 10-20 times before I start to do them justice.


11 thoughts on “Happy mail days — The CARDS are here!

  1. I’ve always wanted one of those staplers. Finger friendly wire sounds like a good option. I usually wrap tape around the join to remove the ouchie factor.


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