Art Cards for Sale


Thanks to everyone for voting in the polls recently.  When the week is up, I’ll tell you the results.

I needed to order the cards as of Tuesday with Vistaprint, so I went ahead and ordered a lot of the top winners in the polls, in 5 x 7 sizes.  They have smaller ones available, but not in the vertical format, so I thought I would keep it simple for now and just have one size.

I have 11 designs available.  If you’d like to take a look at what I have available, check the Art Cards for sale link at the top of the blog.  They should be in by the 27th of July but my experience with this company during the holiday season last year was that they delivered way earlier than they said.  Hope that’s true in the hot days of summer as well.

9 thoughts on “Art Cards for Sale

  1. So awesome! You might have a new customer soon (when I have money because MAN things add up!) because I know a few people who’d be totally stoked to get these in the mail. 😛


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