So, how about these for cards?

When I started looking at ordering cards, I realized I had forgotten some choices.  So let’s do another poll, shall we?  I think these are fun.  Hope you do too.

The first two are pieces that will be in the show; the next two are only available in cards and prints.  And the last three are from the bead embroidery sculptures I’ve made in the past that have won prizes at Arts International shows.

There’s also a question on the poll on what size cards you usually would buy.  I’m torn on what size to offer.  I prefer 5×7 because they can easily be framed, but I can see how smaller cards would be easier to use to jot a quick note.

A. “A Peaceful Spot” This is taken from my imagination, a peaceful spot I’d love to visit and contemplate. Click on image to view larger.

painting of aspens

B. “Winter twilight” Watercolor that is available. Click on image to view larger

Better Days Ahead. Sunflower watercolor by Rachel Murphree

C. “Better Days Ahead”. Watercolor.  Sunflowers painted from life. Click on image to view larger. Original in private collection,  but prints and cards available.

Ivy plant with wren scene

D. “The Secret Life of Wrens”. Watercolor of a Caroline Wren nest in an ivy plant on my sister in law’s deck. Click on image to view larger. Original in private collection, but prints and cards available.

beaded palette photo

F. ” A Fresh Start” Bead embroidery sculpture. Artist made felted background, beaded clumps of “paint” and an actual brush beaded.

Beaded glove sculpture

Bead embroidery sculpture depicting my first seven years of parenthood.

Bead embroidery sculpture

“The Promise” — bead embroidered and felted toddler shoe

6 thoughts on “So, how about these for cards?

  1. Hi Rachel… This is Nana… I like everything you do but looking over your painting and Christmas cards if I wanted to send one I like The Promise… All of them are very pretty but for some reason that one catches my eye… Hope you are doing well and you know I am keeping up with what you do… Joshua is doing well… 6 th grade was good for Joshua he received a medal A-B Honor Roll so you can imagine how I feel…..😃…….love, Barbara(Nana)…..💞💞💞💞💞


  2. Love Winter Twilight and the bead sculpture of the pallet is just too awesome. I like 5×7 cards because they give you plenty of space if you wanna write long AND they become a piece of art the recipient can put on display on a desk or something. Awesome stuff as always!


    • Sam, thanks so much! Winter twilight is one of my favorites too, and it’s matted so nicely with a coppery kind of 1/4 inner mat and then white outer. The pallete was really fun to make. Had a great time with it!

      Liked by 1 person

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