The Secret Life of Wrens

plant on a deck

Watercolor of a Caroline Wren nest in an ivy plant on my sister in law’s deck. Click on image to view larger.

This is a “thank you for having us visit” present for my sweet sister-in-law. She is lucky to see this wren building a nest in her ivy plant right outside her kitchen window. I painted this from a photo as a surprise for her.

Wrens are one of my favorite birds — I have a few favs: woodpeckers, owls, wrens, thrashers…I could go on. but I won’t! Anyway, I had a fun time doing negative painting to build up the foliage on the plant while keeping the forest foliage in the background just a suggestion.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! thanks for stopping by…


13 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Wrens

  1. Aww, so cute and such a thoughtful gift! Love the pattern of light in the foliage as well as the adorable bird. Your sister’s lucky! 🙂


  2. anxious TO HEAR HOW YOUR SHOW/SALE WENT. Let me know.
    I am just starting the how I do a painting on my blog – sure hope it is one of the ones that turns out well – sometimes – they just go into the trash. Am taking a class from Ken Hosmer this upcoming week. .


    • Annette, the show isn’t until August 28th, so four more weeks from today. I’ll be looking to see how you’re painting progress goes. I feel the same way about the progress things. so I “cheat” and wait until I have one that I”m reasonably happy with before I post the progress pictures! LOL ken hosmer? Wow!!! cool.


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