Woodpecker on Feeder

11″ x 14″ watercolor with pen and ink. Click on image to view larger.

Here’s a watercolor with pen and ink detailing in places. It’s a glimpse into my back garden and the feeder I have to attract woodpeckers (one of my favorite birds). This is part of the view from my studio windows.  As I’m typing now there are at least a dozen birds chowing down on the bird buffet in my backyard!

It was fun to do some detail with ink, I will probably try this technique again.

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5 thoughts on “Woodpecker on Feeder

  1. Hi Rachel. I love this painting! We have the same birds at my home… the red bellied woodpecker. ( I am not sure why its called red bellied though! ) You really have captured a moment in time here. Really . ~Rita


  2. Hi Rita, thanks so much!! could be my drawing is off, but it’s a similar variety down here called the ladder backed woodpecker. I’ve seen the red bellied in my sister’s house in PA an they are very cool and quite similar. I had the same question on the belly! it is so funny you used the phrase “moment in time” because that’s the title of another piece I just finished, and I wrote the blog post for it and scheduled it to be published tomorrow….and I thought…wait, did I publish that by mistake?? had a bit of a double take. LOL


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