Storm clouds approaching

Storm Clouds Coming.   Watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Storm Clouds Coming. 8″ x 10″ Watercolor Click on image to view larger. Available.

Can you feel the storm rolling in?

This was final painting in a watercolor class offered by Oween Rath through the OLLI program at UTEP. I enjoyed the class. It gave me a refresher course on the basics which never hurts, and I learned some new skills as well. One thing in particular that I appreciated is that we painted from quite rough minimal sketches which really worked well for me. I didn’t feel the pressure of a photograph and all its details imposed on me. We worked from a skeletal framework to create what we in our own minds. I found it an effective teaching technique.

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2 thoughts on “Storm clouds approaching

  1. Hey Laura, that’s really nice to hear! Thank you.

    I mixed the purple, I’m guessing on the blues but the red is Quinacridone magenta by winsor newton. the blue is either ultramarine or cobalt, or both scattered in various places.


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