Wow, you’ve changed!!

2015-03-03 11.19.30

Step 1 of the painting of Agave shadows. A work in progress….

Well, *I haven’t changed, but the look of my blog has!

I realized the other day that the “theme” for my blog, one of many provided by wordpress, doesn’t show up well on mobile devices, such as tablets or smart phones.  I had a choice of changing text and doing other stuff, and I thought…no, let’s go for another theme, one that shows off the artwork and is more simple in its approach.  I stumbled on this one, named Spun, and really liked it.

I like the circles highlighting each post on the home page, and also the ability to easily display paintings in various categories (at the top right) such as flowers, landscapes, etc.

This blog, as my painting, is a work in progress.  As is the photo here on this post.  This is the first stage of a piece I’m working on now, and I’m hoping to show you more in progress shots and the finished piece within the next day or so.

So do you like the changes?

update to this: I changed the blog away from spun for several reasons and am still playing around with getting the one I’d like that also works well on mobile devices.

6 thoughts on “Wow, you’ve changed!!

  1. The black really pops your paintings off the page. The circles are an interesting home page but occasionally the shape of your photo doesn’t work in the circle. I’m not crazy about trying to read white type on black and the comment thingie was tiny and not quite intuitive.
    It’s easy to try new styles though so why not see how it goes!


    • You said exactly what i thought. I don’t like where the comments thingie is and it isn’t intuitive, and i agree on the white/black, but i really liked the circles and the easy presentation of the art in one spot. A work in progress ….thx for your thoughts


  2. Perhaps not a fan! The main photo does pop, but I really don’t like the black background/white text (never have, never will). I also miss seeing your beaded items on the Home page. It took me a while to figure out where to comment, so that’s not a good thing either. Less determined people, will wander off without commenting.


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