Winter Twilight — Final, really, it’s the final!

Winter twilight.  Watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Winter twilight in a grove of aspens. Watercolor that is available. Click on image to view larger

You know how you can look and look at something you’ve done, whether it’s art or writing or sewing, knitting, etc. and you don’t see problems until you’ve had some time away from it — or when you are just about to wear it!  I think you’ll know what I mean…

It took looking at this some more and encouragement from others to fix problems with trunk definition.  In the earlier view of this the trees to the left of center were ill defined and didn’t quite make sense.  so now it is a forked tree with a broken stump beside it, the darks have been softened, and it is now done.  Final.  Finit.  (I know, famous last words!)

And it has a new name:  Winter Twilight. I may look at getting this framed and submitting it to a show, or having cards made from it.

And I’ve been keeping busy with painting group, painting class, and drawing class.  In the latter we’ve been drawing and painting simple shapes.  Perhaps I will post some pics of those another day.

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