And miles to go before I sleep….

Watercolor of woods in winter

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep…and beautiful in snow. Watercolor 6″ x 10″. Available. Click on image to view larger.

Yesterday I attended my second class of the informal transparent group here in town and our teacher was Dorian Clouser. As before, I learned a lot, especially from watching her demonstrate the techniques. I also really appreciated that she visited with each student, offering praise and then helpful suggestions. She will be with us next week and I”m looking forward to it.

This painting was wet in wet of a day with snow either in the air or coming soon, and we could take it in whatever direction we felt. Wet in wet is when you saturate the paper with clean water and once it has absorbed to a certain point you put on other paints in various stages of concentration. the more watery ones fade into the background and give texture and depth, the more concentrated (less water) don’t melt away as much and appear more prominent. it’s a balancing act of the amount of water and pigment, and it’s really quite fun!

I also learned how to make the rough sticks and weeds coming out of the snow by loading a palette knife and making marks that way, so it’s not just brushes that you can use. In fact, we also learned how to make trees by using credit cards….more on that on another day, when I finish the painting!

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