Hillside — Day #18 of the challenge

Hillside view

Hillside view.  Click on image to view larger

Here’s another hillside view that I worked on simultaneously with the recent landscape. I was working on one while the other’s wet portions dried. It’s about 4″ wide by 10″ tall.

There’s some kissing in this… What?!! you say…

My criticism with this is that the taller tree is very close to the edge of the mountain behind it. it’s like they’re “kissing” which is a good thing in real life! and a bad thing in painting composition. It would be better if the tree were taller.

So…I like the Fall Landscape from earlier this week better, especially with the warmer flames of foliage in the front. …how about you?


9 thoughts on “Hillside — Day #18 of the challenge

  1. I like the fall one better too but I think it’s just the painting in general rather than the kissing part. To me, there’s not much detail in the mountain, so I perceive it as being further away than the tree. I think it’s the color and composition that I like better in the fall piece.


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