A Little Wren — Day #14 of the challenge

Painting of wren figurine.

Little wren porcelain sculpture.  Click on image to view it larger. Available. 

This little wren is one of my favorite pieces and it was a lot of fun to get the shape and beak just right on this little guy.  They are the perkiest little birds, such fun to watch flit around.  too bad we don’t have them around here as much as in other places.

So this is day #14 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and how knows? this weekend may be the time I “catch up”  although it’s not really a requirement.

Here are some other watercolor painters doing the challenge:  Diane Wallace featuring birds now, and lovely wet in wet work by Valeri Art.  Thanks for stopping by!! I enjoy hearing what you think about my paintings…

8 thoughts on “A Little Wren — Day #14 of the challenge

    • Thank you!!! just putting down a six layer wet in wet wash for a background, to paint on top of a layered surface rather than white paper. We’ll see how that goes! heading out to the grocery store so I’m not tempted to mess with it until it’s bone dry.


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