Phase 3 getting closer…. Day #10 of the challenge.

Work in progress, mostly completed

Phase 3 of the watercolor process. Click the image to view it larger.

Ok folks, the dark blob is gone, and the surface is completely covered with paint. But it’s not done. I’m hoping that tomorrow, when I add the shadows, it will help it come to life. Or not…

So far in the painting I’ve only used one of each blue, red, and yellow.  Cerulean, quinacridone red, and winsor yellow. I was struggling with how to make the blues and greens darker, and frankly I’ve realized that cerulean blue cannot get much darker than it is.  And I’ve read this before about this blue, but it just didn’t “click” until I was trying to actually make a dark value. So I believe that I have to use another blue, ultramarine?  or indathrene?  I think that latter would take over.  So I have to research and do tests on how to make the shadows to help form the areas where the spines fold, and also the shadow of the bud against the back foliage. That will definitely make the paler bud “pop”.

The dark blob came from trying to use the red to darken, and that just made browns, because (repeat after me!) blue and orange make browns and grays, and I’m combining a red/yellow to make orange.  And while the theory is that if you use the same colors in the picture you’ll have unity because they relate, that brown was NOT good. The three colors I used are transparent and even though some are moderately staining, they lifted, or were removed from the surface fairly easily with clear water and dotting it with a tissue, to not spread the water.

I’ve learned SO MUCH from this whole process of trying to paint this photo, and also explaining it in the blog posts. This challenge has been so good for me.   We’ll see what tomorrow brings… hope you join me!


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