Apple cactus bud…further along Day #9 of the challenge

Painting in step

Phase 2 of the watercolor process.  Click the image to view it larger.

So here we are at the end of the second day. I was pretty happy with it until trying to make the shadowed interior of the spear to the upper left of the blossom.See that big dark blob? Rather than letting it dry and maybe thinking about it overnight, I plowed through and tried to make it work.  And there’s no real “undo” button in watercolor!

So, taking a deep breath and waiting to see it in the light of day with the distance of time….  it’s only paint and paper after all.  There are so many life lessons in watercolor…take your time, have patience, keep trying…

There are parts of it that I really like!  love how the granulating blue pigment interacts with the yellow in the spears.  Think that values (darker spears backing lighter bud) work well…excepting the big dark blob!!!  LOL


4 thoughts on “Apple cactus bud…further along Day #9 of the challenge

  1. Your skills are so good – but I see what you mean about the blob -I have learned on my stuff – that I do not put in shadows until I am finished. I paint the object as it would be and then shadow at the end – otherwise – I end of getting the shadow too dark. also – only use blue for shadow. like you did on the pinecones.


    • thank you Annette. I appreciate the compliment and even more the advice! I think i can lift out the blob successfully and hope not too much damage is done, but i will definitely remember shadows later after this episode!


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