It’s a start…. day #7 of the challenge

in progress watercolor

In progress apple cactus bud in watercolor. Click on the image to see it larger.

Here’s the in progress piece, with just the bud transferred to the watercolor paper.  The paper is 9.5″ tall and I”m having such a good time blending the colors on the paper.  What I’m not happy with is the pencil lines.  I haven’t worked with values this pale all over before, and I’m realizing that I should have erased all the pencil lines before beginning, leaving just a trace.   I have erased the stem areas, you can see how you can still barely see them, but for the rest, once they are painted over, they can’t be erased.

Usually with darker values of paint, erasing doesn’t work for me, but in this case, I don’t care for how they appear.  But I will continue it to get a practice for the second attempt when I will erase all the marks.  .  I’m excited to see how the pale pinks of the top of the bud will “pop” against the darker background of the cactus spears… not sure what to call them! leaves?

So for now, this will be how it stays until the light is fresh tomorrow.  oh yes, the colors are quinacridone red, winsor yellow, and cerulean blue which granulates, i.e. makes a grainy texture, which I think will be quite effective on the dark green shapes behind the bud.

Thanks for checking in on my progress!! have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “It’s a start…. day #7 of the challenge

    • Thanks so much, Annette. I really like your work too and am following you. I dont have much experience w farm animals but again when my kids were little we went to a petting farm and the colors in the feathers of yhe chickens and roosters were incredible. But no opportunity to paint then! I will have to re-visit a farm


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