Apple Cactus — Day 7 of the Challenge

Photo of cactus bud

Photo of Apple Cactus blossom. Click on the image to view it larger

Today I started sketching for a larger painting using one of my photos, taken when the kids were toddlers and I could only dream of having time to paint!

This is an apple cactus (cereus repandus) another common name is Peruvian Tree Cactus.  We don’t see many of these in our neighborhood yards in El Paso, although there is one that I recall.  I took this picture in Palm Springs, CA in the mohave desert region.  If you click on the link you’ll see comments from people all over the world with experience with this plant.

sketch of apple cactus bud

Pencil sketch of apple cactus bud in sketchbook. Click on the image to view it larger.

I had the most relaxing hour sketching this and envisioning how I would paint it.  I hope that I do it justice, at some point in the many times I try it!  Smile.  I will sketch it bigger tomorrow, transfer it to paper and start practicing the delicate washes of pale color required for the bud tip.
I cropped the image to have separate areas that are smaller to work on, as opposed to a wash covering a sky.  I find those easier to handle.  I know I’ll have to get the values correct (darks and lights) and also when to make soft edges or hard edges, where the color stops in a distinct line.

This will be challenging and fun!

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