Double Pinecones — Day 6 of the challenge


Watercolor of double pinecones. Done in two colors: orange and blue. 5″ x 9″. Available.  Click on the image to view it larger

This is painted with only two colors which are really an orange and a blue.  Those colors are opposites on the color wheel which means they look great together AND they make wonderful grays that can look more cool (with more blue) or warm (with more orange).  The two colors are cobalt blue and quinacridone burnt orange.

Back to my favorite color combination and subject matter!  For some reason I’m fascinated with pinecones and although they aren’t easy to sketch, and I get “lost” in the layers and edges as they wind their way around the cone, I do love them.

This is a painting of double pinecones that are still connected to their original branch, but you can’t see the branch because it’s behind them.  I love how due to the elements one is stripped down to the center core for most of it, while the other is whole.

Ink  sketch of the pinecones

Ink sketch of the double pinecones.  Click on the image to view it larger

I’ve included the sketch from my sketchbook to show you how the process started.  in sketchbook, working on getting the values (lights and darks) and the shapes


8 thoughts on “Double Pinecones — Day 6 of the challenge

    • Hi there, thanks so much! I really appreciate hearing from you. I think autocorrect is working its magic…I think you mean lots of drying times? One of the keys (that I am still constantly learning and then forgetting — smile) is that you have to allow layers to dry completely before adding on, so I tend to work on the piece over various times during the day, doing other small tasks to keep from messing around with it while it is drying.

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  1. Hi Rachel, yes, that’s what I meant. It’s so hard though when you’re impatient, to wait. I think it’s a great lesson in life though, isn’t it? The best things are worth waiting for, and sometimes it’s best to get out of the way, and fiddle as little as possible – these are the lessons of watercolor, for me, so far. Looking forward to getting back to it after tax season is over. Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to more of your updates.


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