Fall droppings — day 2 of challenge

Ink sketch with watercolor wash

Ink sketch with watercolor wash of fall droppings found on walks

I appreciate your confidence in me, but I have to tell you this is stressful! I don’t want to put up any paintings that are “dogs” — no offense to our best friends — but I do want to paint every day. So, today’s offering is a ink sketch with watercolor wash of things I’ve found on my fall walks: dried leaf, bark peeling and a seed pod. I also started working on another ornament painting…so stay tuned. you may see it…if it doesn’t tank…

I’ve been having fun looking at the other painters’ contributions…there are over 1200 painters now, around the world. Not too many are watercolorists which is disappointing for me. One of my favorites so far is Andy Sewell’s series of birds. here is A is for Avocet .  Be sure to scroll down on the post to see photographs of these beautiful birds with their cinnamon colors and long waterbird legs. Yesterday’s was B is for bluebird…you can see the whole series as it happens here: http://www.andysewell.blogspot.com/

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