Christmas Nopales and Tuna

Watercolor of prickly pear fruit and pads

Prickly pear cactus pads/leaves called nopales and their fruit, the pinky maroon tuna.   5″ x 7″  Available.

I was intrigued by the Christmas colors of these fruit when I saw them in the produce aisle.  They are part of the prickly pear cactus plant, and in southwest/Mexican cooking the pads/nopales are used as a vegetable and the tuna as a fruit to make jellies and more.  They earn their name “prickly” because even if you can’t see them, there are tiny stickers as thin as hairs that get embedded into your skin.  Ask me how I know!  Here’s a study of these to try to show the texture and colors.  I will definitely try these again sometime soon.

In other art news, I’ve stumbled across a really great podcast on Blog talk radio called Artists Helping Artists and it has several years’ worth of weekly talks with artists on their work and on marketing, tips on painting and the like.  I heartily recommend it.  Check it out at AHA (Artists Helping Artists) 

A newer and also really helpful podcast is the Savvy Painter podcast hosted by Antrese Wood, which has almost fifty in depth interviews with artists.  I’ve learned a lot from both of these art shows.  Do you have any shows you find inspiring?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!  I’d love to hear your comments.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Nopales and Tuna

  1. Rachel – like your watercolors – congrats on the award!! I think we both like the loose watery approach – you do a very nice job with it… to keep up with your work – are you on etsy?


    • Annette, thanks so much! and congrats on your own awards too!! I’m not on etsy or any other venue to sell yet, although I have started experimenting with various card printing sites and checking out quality. My goal for last year was to have one watercolor to put in the art int’l show, I put in three, two were accepted, and one won a prize. Selling is hovering on the edges of my mind but for this year my goal is to keep improving and I’m taking lessons this spring and joined a wc group that invites teachers in, so hopefully that’ll keep moving me forward. Do you print your own prints that you sell?


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