Fruit and Veg anyone?

Fruit and Veg watercolor I often play around on scrap pieces of paper, or attempt paintings that fail for various reasons. I was looking fondly at some of the images and thought, that pear is good, or I like that squash…but the rest… well….frankly, it’s rubbish!

So I decided to cut them out and play around with them and see what happens. What could I do with them? put a ribbon through them and hang them as Christmas ornaments, with extra details on them that are still forming in my brain while trying to sleep!, or from a branch during the rest of the year. or they could be part of a collage on canvas with acrylic maybe? or … or…. really though, they just make me smile, and I wanted to share them with you!

Can you identify each one? prune plums along the bottom, you know the pears, and probably the peaches, but the two on the diagonal you may not know: prickly pear (oppuntia cactus) fruit!

2 thoughts on “Fruit and Veg anyone?

  1. Single fruit on a blank greeting card. Pear for anniversary card – you two make a great pair. Or a cantalope with the words – feeling melon-collie? for a cheery greeting. Your work is definitely worth saving and playing around with.


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