Such a Surprise!

Rachel standing next to the painting at the show

Take a Bite! won the Lelaroy Williams Memorial Award for excellence in watercolor October 2014, Arts International Show.

I was so honored and frankly very surprised, to receive an award last night at Arts International.  There were many excellent pieces there, including a lot in watercolor which made me happy to see!  Watercolor is typically under-represented and undervalued, and it’s my obsession, so I want to see it flourish.  My husband knew about this for four days, and never told me, so it was a huge fun surprise to see that ribbon next to my painting. He is very good at keeping a secret.

Here’s a closer view of Take a Bite!

Take a Bite! Still life watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Take a Bite! Watercolor, Award winner at El Paso Arts International Show, October 2014

Ms. Williams died several years ago and I didn’t have the chance to meet her, but I am fortunate to have one of her original paintings on the walls in my home, thank you Mom and Dad.   Thank you so much to judge Kerry Doyle, Director of the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at UTEP, Don and Carol Beene who sponsored this award, and to the El Paso Arts Association for their tireless efforts in supporting the arts in our city.

Winning an award is a big high and I hope to translate that into increased studio time in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned…and if you’re local, be sure to check out the show.  You won’t regret it.  The hours are 11-4 Tues-Fri, 11-3 on Saturday at the Art Junction, 500 W. Paisano at Durango, El Paso, Texas.

5 thoughts on “Such a Surprise!

  1. Whooo-hoooo!!!! Fantastic news and a great reward for your hard work. Just think, if they had accepted the one I liked, you may have won TWO ribbons 🙂


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