In my Imagination

In my imagination watercolor

a watercolor study in atmospheric perspective and values, in two colors: Indigo and Quin Burnt Orange 8″ x 11″ Arches 140 lb

In my imagination I’d love to visit this place. It can’t be found anywhere on earth, and it was fun creating it.

It came together accidentally. I love that about watercolor, you know those happy accidents, if one is awake enough to realize it isn’t a mistake and brush over it.

I was learning about how how we perceive distance, 3D in a flat/2D medium as watercolor.  Vistas further away in the landscape are more blue and more light in value than the ones near us. Nearer items are more detailed, further objects have softer edges.

So I laid down a  pale blue wash, let it dry and then put in the furthest mountains when my brush skipped across the paper, leaving pale areas.  I let it go, realizing that it could look like far away water, and then I “felt” my way through the closer layers of mountains, berms, shrubs, more water, etc. came to life. Hope you like it!  I do…


4 thoughts on “In my Imagination

  1. Happy accidents are what I like the most!!!! Unfortunately they are less frequent than the ones most generally considered mistakes!!!


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