Tulie, the Twelve Pound Texas Terror

Tulie watercolor

Tulie, 11″ x 15″ watercolor on Arches 140 lb

No really, she’s a sweet girl and we love her to pieces.  This was another attempt at fur/animal hair. I took some in process photos on this one, so you could see at least some of the stages.  I think I will call this done, even though I could put a background on it.

Tulie in progress  sketch

in progress photo and pencil sketch to “get to know” her face

Noses are quite funny to draw!  This was a fun way to spend the time waiting at a doctor’s appointment for a friend. Got into a neat discussion about sketching with a patient who was also waiting.  You can see I have her photo printed in color and black and white. With her, there isn’t a whole lot of difference!

Tulie watercolor 1st layer

I call this “ghost dog”

This is the first layer of watercolor, using Indigo (a really dark blue), burnt sienna, and yellow ochre. In my original sketch on the watercolor paper, I had drawn in hair that hung over one eye, but I somehow lost it in the layers of paint and then real life got in the way, I picked it up to finish it about 10 days later, and it completely slipped my mind.  Once the darks of the eyes are down, I didn’t want to mess with trying to lift them to get that hair.  No doubt I will be painting the little poppet again…  no worries.

3 thoughts on “Tulie, the Twelve Pound Texas Terror

  1. your sketch catches the personality and hint of naughtiness that I think of with Tulie. The painting gets the texture beautifully. I admire your watercolour ability, I know it isn’t easy to layer without getting mud xxx


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