Some background information

2014-07-11 15.45.57So here it is in progress, the Mexican Bird of Paradise.  Leaving it for the day to ponder what the background will be.  I find backgrounds hard to do, largely because I underestimate how much of a paint puddle I’ll need for it, and remixing midway is NOT good, I got water blossoms (the kind you don’t want to get) and hard edges, and just plain yuck.  Doesn’t help that I find I hold my breath while painting it…  note to self, find a way to calm down.  Perhaps I should do the backgrounds first?  get them out of the way.

I’d like a background on this before working more on the detail.  Parts I like on it are the triangle composition, most detail on the blossom on the left, second mos
t detail on the top, and the bottom is more dull.  Don’t want to draw your eye out of the painting.

Do you think the diagonal lines draw your eye out of the painting?  or do the flowers keep your eye engaged?

5 thoughts on “Some background information

  1. Oh, so beautiful and delicate! You really worked hard to paint each petal and the colors ring so true. It will be hard to relax while trying to put a background on this one… But of course, the leaves are a wonderful part of this bush.
    You ask about the diagonals. I think it would have been better if the one that ends behind the top flower was more upright and actually looked like it was the stem to the top flower (but of course, too late now!). I think it might have made a definite triangle though which might not have been the right thing either. Tough call.


    • Yes, the foliage is really special in this bush, so I intend to have that in the background, and I did a trial to figure out how to suggest it without having clearly defined foliage. I see what you mean about the triangle that stem would have created.


  2. I like the triangle, and I would only emphasize the two “front” flowers in the composition (lower left and top right), let the other two become secondary with little or no more definition. Yes back grounds are hard… love the camera for this, the blurred backgrounds….

    Otherwise I like it!!! I even like it without the background!!!


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