Flower studies

2014-07-08 09.55.14Yesterday I spent a lovely morning in the garden, first studying the leaf structure of the plants, then sketching them, being careful to try and put layers of leaves and blossoms underneath others, and then painting these little studies freehand.

It’s funny, seems like common sense but probably comes from learning.  When sketching a garden, I should look for what makes each plant structure unique, not just the colors of the blossoms.  As I said, common sense.  but this sketching day I realized it, so I noticed that the ruellia has the buds and remainders of buds near the top and the leaves are longer and pointy.  The lantana has a cluster of two under the blossom…on the study I went a bit over that number… LOL…I was having fun watching the blues and yellow blend on the paper.

And now off to sketch the Red bird of paradise onto watercolor paper and start painting!  Hope you are enjoying these summer days as much as I am. Life is good…


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