Sketching Bird of Paradise

Red Mexican bird of paradise sketch

Red Mexican bird of paradise sketch

The glorious red Mexican Bird of Paradise is in full bloom so I’m setting out to paint it again.  Here’s a pencil sketch from the sketchbook with wc on top.  Next step is sketching onto watercolor paper, so watch this space!



4 thoughts on “Sketching Bird of Paradise

    • you know, Amri, that’s a very good question! a month ago I was thinking of giving up my fabrics, all I wanted to do was paint, and then I hemmed some shorts for one of the girls and realized I still like sewing, and I enjoy my fabric, so I will keep it all. I have decluttered many times, so these must be the ones I want to keep. So, the same issue is with beading, but the supplies take up so much less space. LOL. I have a project in mind to bead which would be fun, but not challenging like watercolor painting, and I guess that’s what I really want to do right now. Paint and knit. There’s only so much time in the day. I really like having a limited focus these days. Thanks for commenting!


  1. I had to go and look them up… very complex flower… to paint I’m sure. I’d love to photograph them too!


    • I’m sure your photos of them would be fabulous, Beth! They are complicated so I’ve spent a good time drawing them, five petals, five outside skin of the bud petals, one of which makes a kind of scoop at the bottom of the blossom. they are intriguing.


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