Fruit and pitcher

Fruit and pitcher watercolor still life

Washed in Light, watercolor

Luscious fruit posed in front of a favorite pitcher with a strong light on it for cool shadow potential.  My favorites are the grapes. and my least favorite is the apple.  How about you?


I read somewhere recently that the best thing to do is ask friends for what parts of the painting jump out at them as not seeming right, not participating in the full dimensional effect that we want in a painting.  So C and C are always welcome!  what doesn’t work for you?

6 thoughts on “Fruit and pitcher

  1. You’ve heard it said that photos aren’t as good as the real thing. But I often see things on my monitor that I miss in real life.
    I love the grapes and the apple! They have a glow and roundness that is wonderful. The pear on the right seems concave to me.


    • Yes, i agree. Looking at pieces in various ways shows up problems, and i absolutely agree, that pear on the right has problems! It used to look worse!! LOL. I did some scrubbing out of the line between it and the apple but was hesitant i could get out the dark color and redo it. BUT i got a book recently that has strategies to help with this. It is called Master Disaster and shows how to isolate the problem area with a stencil of packing tape, and use natural sponge to scrub it out. Let dry. Redo. That will be my next step. I really appreciate your feedback!


  2. I sort of like the apple, but the pear beside it looks strange. The grapes are good. It you use the pitcher again, suggest we see more of it. Still lovely.


    • Thanks Marti! Yep that pear is strange. We will see if i can fix it! The apple looks more like a pomegranate to me. LOL. The pitcher is a handmade one with imperfections on the glaze, perhaps from a potter learning the craft, and that is part of what i like about it!


  3. the shadow under the grapes needs to be darker and the light area (under the grape nearest the pear) shouldn’t be there?? Why on earth you should listen to me is a mystery though. I love the colours, the pitcher is intriguing because I can’t see it all. I could pick the apple off the page and eat it, the grapes are perfect. Well done you 🙂


    • Well the shadows are something to consider for sure. I think the light spot was to be a light green that reflects into the shadow but obviously didnt work as intended! Thanks for your compliments too!


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