Shell study

Shell painting 

One problem watercolorists have, or at least I have, is learning when to stop painting.  Or the patience to wait while paint dries and does it magic.  So recently I decided to have more than one piece going, so while I was antsy about color drying on one work, I grabbed a shell, lit it and painted it.  here’s the resulting study.

4 thoughts on “Shell study

  1. I totally agree! Once it dries it will look different so I have to remember to stop and wait to see what the latest changes look like. I totally overworked my bird’s nest painting and was so mad that I ruined it. I started over and in the end wasn’t even sure which I liked better. Love your shell!


  2. Thank you all so much! I will do more shells soon, AM, never fear. I have a collection of “nature to sketch” and now I think the idea of looking down at the shells is a neat perspective. I was concerned about composition and this might be the answer.


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