The negative side of gazanias

Gazanias with negative painting of foliage

Yesterday was a lovely productive studio day.  Hope the same for today!  Here are gazanias with negative painting used for the foliage.  Negative painting is when you paint around the shape you want to maintain and you do it in layers, creating depth.  I watched several videos on it and I finally got my brain around it.  I watched videos from these artists:  and Esperoart but there are many others, including most prominently Linda Kemp.

What did I learn?  Tons!  Most importantly to limit how much of a color to drop in wet in wet (example the red/yellow gazania) because the paint — at the consistency I had it — flowed more freely than I thought.  I started out using a limited palette again, same as for the yellow bird of paradise image, Auro yellow, cobalt blue and quin red, but added Quin Burnt Orange (da vinci) and turquoise cobalt (DS)  to mix the lovely darks.  next time I do this image– perhaps today? — I’ll try other yellows and blues to get the shocking lime green of the bud foliage which I couldn’t get with the limited palette I had.  Time for experimentation.


2 thoughts on “The negative side of gazanias

  1. nice painting. I am enjoying your work. btw I accidentally made a shocking green with hansa and pthalo blue, green shade, I think both DaVinci. Daniel Smith is my favorite brand, though. Cheers and thanks for the flowers!


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