Taken with Iphone 5

I took a photo of the bird of paradise picture with a higher level Iphone (with better camera) and the photo is definitely clearer, don’t you think?  but the color of the yellow is still warm when in person it’s a cool photo. I don’t want to stress over excellent pictures, or buy a new camera, so like Scarlett,  I think I will worry about this another day.  But I wanted to show you the difference.

Caesalpinia gilliesii

more vibrant photo of the painting Caesalpinia gilliesii


2 thoughts on “Taken with Iphone 5

  1. You can certainly see the difference between the two cameras, Rachel. I find it is really difficult to get the image on the camera, the screen and real life to look anything like each other for colour. I think you have done really well with the painting.. Yellow flowers are really difficult to paint for some reason. I once painted a daffodil and it took me forever to get the shadows effectively.


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